Jennifer Roberts-Smith - - Concept Design, Experience Design, Team Leadership
Paul Cegys - Concept Design, 360º Video, Spatial and Light Scenography
Bill Chesney - Concept Design, Spatial and Object Scenography
Colin Labadie - Concept Design, Sound Design
Robert Plowman - Concept Design, Narrative Design, Non-narrative Script Writing

Other contributors to the DOHR VR experience:
Tracey Dorrington-Skinner
Gerry Morrison
Tony Smith

Technical Design and Programming:
Maria Aufheimer
Shawn DeSouza-Coelho
Arda Kizilcay
Greg Puzniak
Gerd Schmidt

Story and Design Consultation:
Kristina Llewellyn
Jennifer Llewellyn
Bronwen Low
Lennart Nacke
Nicholas Ng-a-Fook
Gerald Voorhees

Research Assistants:
Kai Butterfield
Mahir Hoque
Samantha Mercury
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