Eurydice | Sarah Ruhl
Director: Matt White
Set Design: Kelly Wolf
Costumes: Sharon Secord
Projection & Lighting Design: Paul Cegys
Associate LD: Chelsea Vanoverbeke
Sound Design: Colin Labadie
In our production of Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice, our focus is to demonstrate how contemporary artists can reconstruct a work of classic literature to construct meaning that resonates with a modern audience. We will examine how Ruhl breathes new life into the story thus creating a new myth: one that empowers young women to become the Musician rather than simply the instrument while showing men the tragedy that results from the tyrannical abuse of the male gaze. While Eurydice's sacrifice is an empowering moment where she gains some form of control over her life, the tragedy is that the male dominated world still put her in that position. (Matt White)
Photo Credits: Selina Vesely

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