Foams is an intermedial scenographic experiment that draws inspiration from Peter Sloterdijk’s spatial trilogy Spheres and his phenomenology of spatial plurality to explore foam-like spatial formations in material, virtual and perceptual reality. It was presented at the 2019 Venice Biennale Finish Research Pavilion and was in dialogue with investigations into how ideas of ‘new fictiveness’ (post-truth) can disrupt our sense of self-perception, social facticity and reconstitute space as a socio-political construct. Our sense of a stable reality is further eroded by the production of new narrative-image constellations that alter our perceptions. This project was part of Maiju Loukola’s “Foaming as Practice” installation as part of the Artistic Intelligence Research Alternator (AIRA) research cell, which investigates how notions of ‘new fictiveness’ modulate our social facticity, especially when in conjunction with processes that produce new narrative-image constellations. AIRA is particularly concerned with sites of inquiry that enable temporal meeting points for the negotiation of parallel realities.

Foaming Exercise 9 & 10 May: A performative installation by Maiju Loukola and Paul Cegys, using the term foam as both noun and verb (foaming) in order to explore foam-like spatial formations at the intersection of physical, imaginary and virtual space, as well as in terms of space as socio-political construct.

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